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An internal Google email shows how the company cracks down on leaks

0SHARESShare Google is facing a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court alleging that the company has fostered a culture of secrecy and fear. Leaks to the media are forbidden, and employees are encouraged to monitor their colleagues for leaks, according to the suit, which was filed in December by an anonymous ex-employee who claims they were unjustly fired. We’re now ...

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You can now use Alexa to control Dish Hopper DVRs

0SHARESShare Owners of a Hopper DVR and an Amazon Echo can now change the channel or find a specific programming using just their voice. Dish has announced that starting today, customers can use Alexa to control their Hopper DVR or Wally satellite without ever touching the remote. Dish first announced this capability back in January during CES, and the feature ...

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Ringly exchanges gems for stones on its latest smart bracelet

0SHARESShare Ringly is launching a new version of its smart bracelet with an updated look, all the same features, and a lower price. The new model is called the Ringly Go , and its biggest difference is its looks. The new model puts a large stone in the middle of a leather strap, instead of a large gem in the ...

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a rugged LG G6

It’s getting close to the time of year when Samsung usually introduces a rugged version of its latest Galaxy S smartphone. And a new leak from the Wireless Power Consortium reveals a lot about what the S8 Active is going to look like. It’s only a single photo, but the image lets us know three key things about the S8 ...

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How about an Android Pro?

0SHARESShare At Google I/O this past week, I got my first taste of the next version of Android and I enjoyed almost everything about it . Android has gotten to the stage where improvements come in only incremental steps, and Google is mostly making the right ones with its annual updates. But I have an underlying worry about where this ...

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What happened to Mastodon after its moment in the spotlight?

0SHARESShare In early April, open-source social platform Mastodon had its 15 minutes of fame. The service has been compared ad nauseam to Twitter, from which it borrows its basic structure: short messages from users, retweets (or retoots, in its parlance), chronological timelines updating in real-time, and so on. Mastodon’s layout even cops a basic version of Tweetdeck, the popular third-party ...

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Nike’s new Apple Watch bands match their sneaker counterparts

0SHARESShare Nike has unveiled a new collection of Apple Watch bands that match with corresponding pairs of Nike sneakers. Called “Day to Night,” the collection features four different colors of sport bands that include perforated holes to air out your sweat. Despite the name, the new Nike bands don’t glow in the dark, do anything literally transformative, or are meant ...

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How Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game

0SHARESShare Steven Yang quit his job at Google in the summer of 2011 to build the products he felt the world needed: a line of reasonably priced accessories that would be better than the ones you could buy from Apple and other big-name brands. These accessories — batteries, cables, chargers — would solve our most persistent gadget problem by letting ...

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Mophie is releasing a battery pack for the Google Pixel XL

0SHARESShare Nearly eight months after the phone was announced, Mophie is introducing a battery pack for the Google Pixel XL. The juice pack will extend talk time on the Pixel XL past 50 hours, thanks to a 2,950mAh rechargeable battery, which can be wirelessly charged using any Qi charging solution. The pack can also be charged using a USB-C cable. ...

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Acer Predator 21 X review: overpowered overkill

0SHARESShare The first thing you notice about the Acer Predator 21 X is the size. Whether you’re seeing it for the first time as you take it out of the custom Pelican case it ships in, passing someone struggling to carry it on their way to a meeting, or sitting down to see it at a desk day after day, ...

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