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Two senators want answers from the FCC over its ‘manhandling’ of a reporter

0SHARESShare Earlier this week, the National Press Club alleged that security guards ‘manhandled’ a journalist after attempting to ask FCC commissioners a question following a press conference. Now, two senators have written a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, asking for a formal explanation. In the letter , Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) point out that the ...

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Apple’s AirPods are the perfect accessory to meditation apps

0SHARESShare Maybe I’m a little late to the hashtag-mindfulness movement, but I just recently started using a meditation app. There are plenty of articles touting the supposed benefits of meditation practices — ranging from from “charting new pathways in the brain” to remaining in a zen-like state when having a conversation about politics — and in recent years the market ...

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The creators of Star Wars Battlefront II talk about fighting for the Empire in a new video

0SHARESShare Sony has released a new video for Star Wars Battlefront II, in which the game’s creators talk about how the story came together, and how it’ll provide new insight into the Star Wars universe. Battlefront II will hit stores later this year , and once it does, players will take the perspective of an elite Imperial unit known as ...

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Amazon could be planning to bring its checkout-free grocery stores to Europe

Amazon could be looking to expand its cashier-free grocery stores to the UK and Europe in the future. The company recently filed several trademark applications related to its Go stores with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office and its European Union equivalent. The company filed applications to trademark four slogans: “No Lines, No Checkout. (No, Seriously),” “No Queue, No Checkout. (No, ...

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Here are the winners of this year’s Nebula Awards

0SHARESShare The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is currently holding its annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this weekend. This evening, the organization announced the winners of this year’s Nebula Awards, recognizing some of the best science fiction and fantasy works from last year. io9 co-founder Charlie Jane Anders walked away with the award for Best Novel. In her ...

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Uber is charging some riders more for high demand routes

0SHARESShare Uber has been charging some passengers differently based on the routes that they’re taking, according to a pair of reports in Bloomberg and Business Insider . The goal of the pricing scheme is to help entice drivers in those areas to help reduce wait times for passengers. Traditionally, Uber has charged riders based on the mileage, time on the ...

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A psychologist explains why we’re probably all delusional and how to fix it

0SHARESShare Every once in a while, a friend attends therapy for the first time and starts breathlessly reporting all the revelations she’s learned. In many of these circumstances, it’s all I can do to stop myself from yelling that I, or any of her other friends, could just as easily have told her these same “discoveries.” But I shouldn’t throw ...

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How two Disney Imagineers built a better escape room with The Nest

0SHARESShare Escape rooms have become incredibly pervasive over the past few years , but they’re not usually thought of as fantastic storytelling platforms. They’re more about the premise : giving participants a way to buy into the idea that they’re locked in a single location for a given amount of time, so they can create their own personal tale of ...

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New trailers: The Emoji Movie, Star Trek: Discovery, and a lot of TV shows

0SHARESShare This was “Upfront” week for the TV industry, where everyone gets together for big presentations and parties and mingling and dealmaking. But more importantly for us, it’s when networks reveal first looks at their upcoming shows. That means there are a ton of trailers this week — more than I have the time to watch! — and for shows ...

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New Browser Act would restore restrictions on sharing browsing history

In April, the Senate voted to roll back the FCC’s internet privacy rules, clearing the way for internet service providers to share browsing histories with third-party advertisers — and provoking a significant backlash along the way. Now, one of the leading forces for the April push has introduced a new bill that could restore some of those restrictions, while adding ...

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