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Hype Machine is struggling to stay online, and that’s a shame

I went to college at a strange time for the music industry. Napster had already come and gone, digital music stores like iTunes and Amazon Music were growing quickly, and the big streaming sites were just getting popular. While there were file sharing options out there for acquiring new music, there was one site that I turned to anytime I ...

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With animal farts and singing mice, Twitter's scientists introduce themselves to Bill Nye

Scientists on Twitter are introducing themselves to the famous TV host Bill Nye (of Bill Nye the Science Guy fame), using the hashtag #BillMeetScienceTwitter . Their aim is to spark more collaboration between science celebrities with massive Twitter followings, like Nye or Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the scientists doing their best to communicate their research to the public . And ...

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Oculus Research's focal surface display could make VR much more comfortable for our eyeballs

The current generation of VR is great, but it’s far from perfect. One way VR falls short of the real world is the fixed focus distance. Despite the illusion of depth from the stereo images you’re looking at, each image is essentially flat, at a fixed perceived distance from your face, and with a focus selected by the game engine ...

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Netflix’s Orange is the New Black Mirror gag requires dozens of hours of binging for a two-minute payoff

Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black returns June 9th, and the company’s latest teaser is banking on viewers being diehard fans of its other shows. Of course, that can backfire — if you’ve never seen Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” episode, this touching moment between Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Poussey (Samira Wiley) is likely to cruise right over your ...

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Apple may face backlash in China over demanding App Store cut on tips

Chinese app makers are reportedly upset with Apple after it issued a new policy that recognizes tips as in-app purchases, according to The Wall Street Journal . This means small donations made from inside popular social networks in China will soon be made eligible for Apple’s 30 percent revenue cut. Unlike in the US and other Western markets, in-app tipping ...

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Here’s a French e-reader with colorful smart cases and a square shape

French retailer Carrefour has teamed up with Bookeen, an e-reader company, to release and develop a new e-reader. Surprise. The two companies put out their first Nolim e-reader in 2013 and are now refreshing it. The revamped version features a 6-inch E Ink touchscreen display (1024 x 758 resoultion), 8GB of storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’ll cost €129. Given that ...

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Here are Destiny 2’s biggest changes to weapons, subclasses, and combat

When Bungie revealed the first gameplay trailer for Destiny 2 on Thursday , fans made a lot of noise about the new superpowers available and the CGI trailers setting up the new “Red War Campaign” story mode. There was even a comically loud cheering section when Bungie execs announced that, at long last, players wouldn’t be kicked to the game’s ...

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Why astronomers are scrambling to observe the weirdest star in the galaxy this weekend

It was early Thursday morning when astronomer Matt Muterspaugh noticed something strange with the star he had been observing for the last year and a half. Telescope data taken from the night before showed that the brightness of the star had dipped significantly. He contacted other astronomers who had also been observing the same star, to let them know what ...

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$650 off the Dell XPS 15, exclusive discounts on the Lenovo Flex 4, and more of the best tech deals

This week was all about Google I/O including the announcement of Google Assistant for iOS, standalone VR headsets, and more — but when it comes to deals, the biggest highlights of the week are great discounts on laptops. You may remember when we featured the Dell XPS 15 deal back in March , which was popular among The Verge readers. ...

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How beauty might have evolved for pleasure, not function

Evolutionary biology tells us this story: everything evolved to make us better at reproducing. Everything has a function — and decoration is no exception. The peacock’s elaborate tail seems useless, but actually it tells us how genetically superior the bird must be if it can survive even with that unwieldy mass of feathers. Wrong, says Yale University ornithologist Richard Prum ...

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