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Three Explosive Details About The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair!

0SHARESShare 18 years to the day since the House of Representatives authorized an impeachment inquiry into then-President Bill Clinton following a report from independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who laid out a case for impeaching Clinton in relation to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Clinton by Paula Jones. The Starr Report focused on Clinton’s relationship with former White House intern ...

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FBI Agents Break Their Silence, Expose Criminal Scheme That Will END The Democrats

0SHARESShare The corruption of the Clinton family becomes more appalling every day. Bill Clinton is being faced with questions, and America is hungry for answers! Everyone remembers Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s private meeting on the airport tarmac. This meeting left Americans in shock, because it was clear Clinton was striking a deal with Lynch regarding his wife’s trial. It has come ...

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Beauty Queen Suspended for Tweets Against ISLAM !

0SHARESShare She took a run at a sacred cow. So the PC Police slapped her down. Was this ‘protecting their brand’ or was this unfair censorship? Miss Puerto Rico — Destiny Velez — got in a Twitter war with Michael Moore. And it cost her her title. Was that fair? Or too much? Michael Moore, you may remember, shambled his ...

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CORRUPTION: Mexican Drug Cartel Lawyer Donated to HILLARY

0SHARESShare A big-time lawyer that has represented Mexican Cartel members donated money to Crooked Hillary in 2016… The Daily Caller reported : Attorney Roberto Yzaguirre, who has represented many Gulf Cartel bosses, has donated $2,000 to Hillary Clinton’s election efforts. When Mexican drug lord Juan García Abrego was extradited to America, Yzaguirre was his lawyer. Abrego was the boss of the Gulf  cartel until ...

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Epic Message By Denmark Teacher OBLITERATES BERNIE SANDERS’ Call For “FREE STUFF”

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter In this meme-ifyed letter, a Danish teacher slams her native country’s horrendous tax-rates and excessive government dependency. “I am a school teacher in Denmark making about $61,000/year. We also have free education,” she said. You already have a problem. How can you sustain paying teachers high wages when education is free? Moving on. ...

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Trey Gowdy Had A Rock Star Speech At Liberty University!

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Everyone was tired of the shameless, ceaseless TV and radio ads that were filled with insults and blaming, the likes of which we perhaps had never seen before. Whatever happened to real leadership? Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reminded us of what inspirational leadership looks like. During an address he delivered to the students ...

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North Carolina Soldier Was Ready To Deploy… Then “BlackLives” Protester Snuck Up From Behind

0SHARESShare What happened to Matthew Whitehurst is truly sickening, not that “Black Lives Matter” activists care. They care about him as much as they care about Jamyla Bolden , which is to say they don’t care about either one of them (H/T IJ Review ). All they care about and have ever cared about are — of course — thugs, because ...

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Dems Push To Have Obama Added To Mount Rushmore!

A poll of 800 people from Rasmussen Reports asked whether there should be any changes to the iconic monument of Mount Rushmore, which features the faces of four US presidents carved into the side of a mountain in South Dakota. The popular monument, which cost a million dollars to create and dislodged 450 tons of rock, currently features George Washington, ...

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Californians Are Revolting Against Dems Who Voted For Gas Tax Hike !

0SHARESShare Californians are pushing back against the Democratic lawmakers who passed the largest gas tax in the state’s history last month. Citizens have signed signatures for a recall effort against Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman for his vote in favor of for the Road Repair and Accountability Act, and another lawmaker is moving forward on an initiative to repeal the ...

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Rep. John Lewis Calls For Students To “Get In Trouble” And “Get In The Way”…For The Country?!

0SHARESShare Just like the annoyingly predictable Elizabeth Warren, Rep. John Lewis gave a commencement speech address on Saturday, allegedly pushing for unrest by telling the graduates to “get in the way” and “get in trouble” because the “country needs you now more than ever before.” Lewis presented the address to the graduating students of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. ...

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