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Democrats Reaction To ObamaCare Repeal Vote Had Trump Crying From Laughter!

0SHARESShare Image Source: Politico The Democrats thought that they had stopped President Trump for a long time after the first failed attempt to repeal ObamaCare with Paul Ryan in charge, but President Trump took matters into his own hands and met with House Republicans yesterday to insure the votes were there. President Trump wasn’t going to fail again and give ...

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House Votes To Repeal ObamaCare Then Trump Puts Final Nail In Coffin With 1 Tweet!

0SHARESShare Image Source: Michael Vadon Finally President Trump and the Republicans struck their first victory in repealing ObamaCare today with the House voting to repeal it. This is after Paul Ryan’s first failed attempt had given the Democrats confidence that they stood a chance against the Republican majority in Congress. But finally the Republicans got their party in order after ...

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WikiLeaks Just Exposed Obama Interfering In French Election! Exact Thing He Claimed Russia Did!

Image Source: WikiLeaks Leave it to the Democrats to be the ultimate hypocrites. We have been hearing for months about how Russia “hacked” the DNC and how they interfered in the US election to help Donald Trump. All of these are unproven but that hasn’t stopped the Democrats whining about them for months on end. They still claim that Russia ...

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Dear GOP Congress: You Had Only 1 Job, And You Blew It!

When we elected an outsider as the president, I thought we patriots sent a strong message to the Republicans. They didn’t hear it. Republican lawmakers either need to get behind President Trump or get the heck out of the way. After three months in office, Congress has proven to be an utter disappointment. The American people came together in November ...

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UPDATE: Trey Gowdy Drops A Legal BOMB On Susan Rice… Her Time Is Up

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter In April, former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice was discovered to be the one behind the unmasking of Trump transition officials, who happened to be caught up in “incidental surveillance.” “Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to President Obama, is refusing to testify before a Senate Subcommittee next week on allegations of ...

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A Call For Reform: Major Social Security Abuses Revealed!

The Society Security program is hands down one of the most criticized and abused government programs in the history of the United States. The program was designed by President Roosevelt just over 80 years ago and it was intended to help Americans when they reach retirement. Unfortunately the truth is it has been a political vehicle for a corrupt and ...

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Fox News Just The Hired Most Disgusting Liberal Ever!

21-st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, has come under fire for allegations that he is trying to push Fox News in a more liberal direction because the heir reportedly feels “embarrassed” by its conservative content in front of his wealthy liberal friends. The younger Murdoch created waves by firing his network’s all-time most popular and successful ...

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Bill O’Reilly Breaks Silence, Destroys “Moron” Dan Rather For Attacking Trump, It’s Brutal

0SHARESShare Every loyal Fox News viewer was shocked by the recent, abrupt ouster of legendary news host Bill O’Reilly from Fox News. Since his permanent departure from his longtime role at The O’Reilly Report, O’Reilly has been weighing his options and working on his own independent projects, like his podcast on his website. Recently, however, Bill O’Reilly felt the strong ...

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POLL: Should Hillary Get A GOLD MEDAL For Her Ability To Sling BULLSH*T?

0SHARESShare Hillary is deception perfection on steroids, ladies and gents and ‘The Media’ loves it. After watching Hillary’s Oscar winning performance before The House Select Committee On Benghazi this summer and Comey’s testimony before Congress and how she clearly scared Comey into complicity over her obvious and odious lies regarding #EmailGate, I’m now completely convinced that Hillary could stand naked ...

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BREAKING: Second Time Is the Charm! The House Just Made EPIC Announcement On ObamaCare!

0SHARESShare Image Source: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann It appears that the Republicans are ready to bring another repeal plan forward to a vote in the House. This announcement comes after President Trump met directly with many members of Congress to express to them the dire need to repeal Obamacare. BREAKING: GOP leader: House to vote Thursday on health care bill, sign of ...

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