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One of most respected conservative thinkers and political commentators is Charles Krauthammer. Look what he has to say about Iran ransom scandal! In 2008, a young, fresh-faced African American junior senator promised the American public that if he was elected President of the United States, he would have the most “transparent administration in history.” Well, he has failed miserably on ...

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Ruhle Won’t Allow Guest To Say ‘Hillary Clinton’

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle and two of her guests ganged up on one guest who wanted to make a point about Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia, refusing to let him finish his thought. “To simply just be able to say: Mike Flynn was just a bad hire, the president continues to never say anything bad against Vladimir Putin, how can ...

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Waters Struggles to Recall All the Members of the ‘Kremlin Clan’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) struggled to remember every member of the “Kremlin clan” she often cites during an appearance Wednesday on CNBC. Waters often uses the term as a reference to President Trump and his allies with ties to Russia. She has frequently called for Trump’s impeachment and is one of the most enthusiastic boosters of the investigation into ...

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Trump Secretary of Defense Personally Requests More Bombs to Kill ISIS Terrorists

Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, has personally asked for more bombs to drop on ISIS terrorists in Trump’s budget process, a top Department of Defense official said Tuesday. Secretary Mattis personally injected himself into Trump’s budget process to demand an additional $3.5 billion to fund the manufacturing of more ordnance to kill ISIS terrorists, according to the Daily Caller . ...

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DNC, Media and John Podesta Block Discussion of Seth Rich’s Murder… Even Using ‘Bots’ to Trash Hannity on Rich Coverage

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter M ainstream Media (MSM) is pushing invalidated, unsubstantiated and crazy conspiratorial stories about President Trump colluding with Russia to win last year’s election.   But liberal media won’t touch the story about former DNC staffer Seth Rich being gunned down in Washington DC last year. Democrats and their media continue to push the false tale ...

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Liberal Snowflakes Who Walked Out Of Pence’s Notre Dame Speech Get Some BAD NEWS

On Sunday, Notre Dame University students walked out of their own graduation ceremony as Vice President Mike Pence gave the commencement address. Immediately after the protest, however, this move came back to bite these liberal snowflakes in a big way. Mad World News  reported that social media personality Chad Prather fired back at these students with a Facebook rant that ...

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Sean Hannity Just Issued War On George Soros! See How Soros Is Trying To Silence Conservative News!

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Image Source: Niccolò Caranti George Soros has been working behind the scenes for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party with his PAC’s and group Media Matters that pressures companies and organizations even as big as Fox News to try and silence the conservative voice. That is appears to be exactly what billionaire George ...

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Trey Gowdy Asked Former CIA Director Brennan 1 Question The Destroys The Entire Russian Hoax!

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Image Source: Fox News Former CIA Director John Brennan testified today about the Russian interference in the elections and thankfully Trey Gowdy was on the panel that he was testifying in front of because he might have single-handedly just destroyed the entire Russian hoax that the Democrats and media have been parading for ...

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Giuliani Drops FBI Investigation BOMBSHELL!

0SHARESShare After routinely denouncing James Comey as a Republican operative (a charge that runs counter to all logic and evidence), the Left now almost deifies him as one of the martyrs of their “Resistance.” However, those who know Comey tell a much different story. Rudy Giuliani, the former Republican mayor of New York City and the administrator responsible for the ...

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Pelosi: Trump Budget Is ‘Literally a Killer’ for the American People

0SHARESShare House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) called President Trump’s budget proposal “literally a killer” for the American people on Tuesday. At a press conference, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders in Congress slammed the proposed Trump budget as a nonstarter. While the White House says Social Security and Medicare benefits are left untouched, Pelosi said it “voucherizes Medicare” like ...

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