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SHE CAN’T STOP: What Maxine Waters Just Said Even Had MSNBC Second Guessing Her!

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Image Source: MSNBC Maxine Waters has made a name for herself over the past months by being the voice for the most insane things coming out of the Democratic Party and that is saying something. But just when you thought Maxine Waters’ earlier rants on impeaching Trump or whatever conspiracy theories she cooks up ...

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BREAKING: Hannity Just Blew The Top Off Deep State Plans To Take Down Trump!

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Image Source: Fox News The Democrats have been claiming corruption on Donald Trump’s part for months now without any evidence, but the Russia theory has continued and the attacks without evidence or proof have gone unpunished. These accusations and lies must be coming from somewhere high up that is desperate to take down ...

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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Just Exposed Who Mueller Really Is! What He Did Will Make Democrats Faint!

Image Source: Ryan J. Reilly WikiLeaks was crucial to uncovering evidence that showed just how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is and have continued their efforts to show just how deep the lies go in the Democratic Party. The Democrats like to claim that WikiLeaks release Russian fabricated documents but they have yet to disprove that any document is false, showing ...

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BOOOOM! Democrat Alan Dershowitz Just Ripped His Own Party’s Claims Of Russia To Shreds!

0SHARESShare Image Source: Fox Business Alan Dershowitz has been making appearances on television for years because of his highly regarded law career and what he said during his appearance on Elizabeth MacDonald ‘s show earlier today will not only take the wind out of the Democrats sails but blow up the entire boat too. Alan Dershowitz just confirmed what every Trump ...

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TRUMP NEEDS OUR HELP: Look What The DOJ Just Did To Try And Break Trump!

0SHARESShare Image Source: White House (Pete Souza) The Democrats have tried time and time again to try and break Trump and now they just pulled their most ridiculous move yet. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel on the Russian Interference investigation. The appointment of a special counsel is only done when someone believes ...

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Detective On Seth Rich’s Murder Just Came Out And Leaked A Bombshell That Will Light Investigation On Fire!

0SHARESShare Image Source: Fox News Seth Rich has provided many a people as the quintessential conspiracy theory in the past few months but there appears to be truth to these theories! The murdered DNC staffer who is claimed to have leaked thousands of DNC documents to WikiLeaks and then having his investigation covered up by the DNC for damage control ...

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BRING IT ON: Donald Trump Just Struck Back In the Perfect Way After Dems Hire Special Prosecutor!

Image Source: CBS As the Democrats make their big play to try and take down President Trump with the Russia investigation, even though there is no evidence that he worked with them at all, President Trump has shown time and time again that he is not scared to take the Democrats head on. Now the Democrats have escalated the investigation ...

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CONFIRMED: Sheriff David Clark Just Joined The Trump Administration For 1 Reason! See Why Democrats Are Freaking Out!

0SHARESShare Image Source: Donald Trump Live Press Conference & Speech 2017 Sheriff David Clark from Milwaukee County has made a name for himself by his support of President Trump and being active in responding to public issues through social media and in the public. He makes a point to listen to the problems of the American people and to address ...

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Corrupt Money Trail Discovered, All Clues Lead Straight To Comey!

0SHARESShare Everyone was shocked when former President Barack Obama appointed the nominal “Republican” James Comey as director of the FBI. However, new evidence indicates that Comey was only appointed because he was implicated in the Clintons’ corruption. Former FBI Director James Comey had numerous ties to the corrupt Clinton political machine, and he still does. One connection is his brother, ...

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PRES TRUMP Rips Media And Critics: “I was not elected to please the Washington media”

0SHARESShare Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter President Trump gave the commencement speech for the Coast Guard graduating class and hit back at the media during the speech:The Coast Guard Academy was the location for the speech but the speech could be directed at all Aemricans plus the media and critics of Trump. He says what everyone else is thinking…Awesome! ...

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