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Role of Public-Private Partnerships after Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare

By Mark W. Gaffney Kentucky Senator Rand Paul appeared on CBS News Face the Nation, Sunday sitting on the hot seat in an interview with John Dickerson to lambast an inordinate amount of government subsidy to bail out the health insurance industry. Senator Rand Paul berated the issue of excessive government subsidies of health insurance industry with the following statement, ...

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They Caught Them! FBI Arrests 6 Muslim Doctors For…

Under the Obama administration, the number of Muslims arrested for fraud in any capacity was zero. But somehow, for years, Muslim doctors have been breaking federal laws and raking in tens of millions of dollars in illegal assets. Because the system is gamed so often by nefarious characters throughout the country, it is admittedly difficult to catch all the fraud, ...

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Susan Rice Backed Out From Testifying Before The House Committee Regarding The Unmasking Scandal

Susan Rice backed out from testifying before the House committee regarding the unmasking scandal. She was supposed to visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday for a meeting with the House committee investigating allegations she “unmasked” President Trump associates in Russian interfering investigations. Rice was supposed to face hard questions regarding her role while working as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser. ...

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What Trey Gowdy Just Got a Special Agent to Do Is BREATHTAKING … OBAMA IS SCREWED

Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Representative, has been working on calling out Former President Barack Obama for the deceitful criminal that he has proved himself to be. Over the eight years that Obama was in office he violated the Constitution and engaged in all kinds of illegal activity, that any average citizen would be publicly ridiculed and horribly punished for. Obama ...

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Kick Rock Tweets Out First Campaign Message!

When Donald Trump put Michigan in the GOP column in last November’s election, Democrats sat up and took notice. It was the first time that the state had gone blue since 1988, and it signaled a new capacity for the GOP to reach working class voters. Robert James Ritchie — the Detroit musician known as Kid Rock — hopes to ...

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Caught! They Are Guilty, Guilty As Charged – See Who’s Now Facing Up To 10 Years In Prison For Stealing

It’s been said that steep punishments for wrongdoing are not an obstacle, that individuals will commit acts of brutality regardless of the punishment. There is additionally a school of believed that expresses that death penalty, or capital punishment, likewise will do nothing toward diminishing the event of wrongdoing. In specific states where leniency appears, the wrongdoing measurements seem to show ...

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JESSE WATTERS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE! Watch Him Rip Into Juan Williams Over Calling Trump Family “Unpatriotic”…Schools Him On Corrupt Democratic Party Ties To Communism, On Crooked Hillary and Barack Obama

Fox News’ “The Five” host, Jesse Watters let loose on liberal crybaby co-host Juan Williams during their most recent show. Waters lost it over liberals who would dare to call President Trump and his family “unpatriotic”. Watters started his rant by saying, I’m very sick of the Democrats calling the Trump family ‘unpatriotic!’” He went on to say that the ...

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Leftists Attacks the WRONG Trump Supporter. Watch What Happens NEXT!

During a recent protest, some liberals decided to go after and attack a group of Trump supporter, however now they may be regretting that decision…….. As the Trump supporter responded by kicking the living sh*t out of the liberal scum. Watch the video: 0SHARESShare Tweet Click here to Read from the source

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John McCain FORCES DELAY Of Healthcare Bill, By Pretending To Have An “INJURED” Eye

Lets be fair, here either McCain is too old to do his job properly, or he is a disgusting weasel who would fake an injury for political gain. From ZeroHedge The Senate will “defer” its work on repealing and replacing Obamacare Majority leader Mitch McConnell said late on Saturday, as John McCain, 80, recovers from surgery to remove a blood clot ...

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VIDEO – CNN Contributor REFUSES To Accept That Trump Is Her President

CNN contributor Angela Rye is now refusing to admit that Trump is her President. I mean either were in a complete twilight zone, or she just stepped in a time machine and skipped the hole election thing were by Trump won a democratic election, which was voted on by over 200 million american citizens. Liberal snowflakes still can’t except that Trump is ...

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