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WONDERFUL – Liberals Triggered, After POTUS Kicks Of “MADE IN AMERICA” Week

President Donald Trump pretended to ride in a fire truck during his “Made in America” event that showcased products made from all 50 states. CBS  reported: The White House is hosting a “Made in America” product showcase Monday afternoon, featuring products from all 50 states. Asked about the impact of the campaign on the Trump Organization and on Ivanka Trump’s company, White House ...

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Liberals Start Outrageous ‘Bring Back Obama’ Campaign – True Patriots Instantly Return Fire

It’s been half a year since Trump took over as president, yet it seems liberals are still refusing to accept this new reality. Never ones to settle when things don’t go their way, the Left has been busy subverting the Trump administration with a litany of lies and manufactured scandals. Democrats in Congress have even initiated the impeachment process, despite ...

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Do You Support President Trump Fully Funding Our Military?

President Trump worked with House Republicans to prepare and vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, which increases the budgets of the military, so they can continue to do their job well. This is finally destroying the Obama legacy of making sure to drop as much military funding as possible. So it is refreshing to see that a lesser known, ...

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New Discovery Just Erupts In Obama Muslim Spy Ring, Millions Of Dollars Disappeared

The strange story of the Muslim IT staff members in the utilize of Democratic congressmen is back in the news. Review that this group of Pakistani relatives was paid maybe upwards of $4 million dollars to take a shot at the PC systems of different Democrats. This group has raised doubts of being a Muslim spy ring as they had ...

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Video Exposes Russian Money Trail Leading Straight To Clintons!

Despite all of the hubbub surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation, serious investigators have long known that the criminal rap sheet created by the Clintons is far more damaging and extensive than anything Trump could ever muster. In what may be their most shocking betrayal of the American public, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her husband, the Clinton Foundation, and a Canadian ...

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Paul Ryan: Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Meeting ‘Absolutely Inappropriate’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tells Wisconsin talk-radio host Charlie Sykes that he is looking into President Bill Clinton’s meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Ryan called the meeting  between Clinton and Lynch, which occurred last week, “absolutely inappropriate.” “I can’t imagine what she was thinking,” he added of Lynch, as her Justice Department is responsible for overseeing an investigation into ...

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SHOCK! Al Sharpton Stabs Hillary Clinton In The Back! You Won’t Believe What He Just Said About Her!

In the past, whenever Al Sharpton made an appearance anywhere, it was usually to race bait, stir up social strife, cause a ruckus, and then disappear with as much money as he could con out of his latest mark. Lately, however, Sharpton’s remarks have been a little less inflammatory and a little more insightful.  If one didn’t know better,  one ...

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50-YR OLD HAITI OFFICIAL, Slated To Testify Against Clinton Foundation Corruption Next Week, Found DEAD In Miami With “Gunshot to the head”

It’s no secret that the Clinton Foundation has been facing credible reports of robbing impoverished Haitians who were devastated by Hurricane Hanna in 2008, through their “foundation.” Haitians have been protesting for years outside of the Clinton Foundation offices over the theft of money that was donated by individuals and businesses to the Clinton Foundation that never made it to the ...

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ABC News: Majority of Americans Say Democrats Stand For Nothing Except Being Against Trump (VIDEO)

Jon Karl of ABC News announced the findings of a new poll this weekend. A majority of Americans think the Democrats don’t stand for anything except being against Trump. In the video below, Karl says: ABC News’ Jonathan Karl says new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows majority of the country believes that “Democrats stand for nothing more than opposing” Donald J. ...

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Revealed! Obama Busted For Obstruction? Most Recent Congressional Investigation Report Uncovers All, You’ll Be Shocked

In his energy to trash weapons in America, previous President Obama permitted guns made and sold in the US to unlawfully fall under the control of Mexican drug cartels in what has turned out to be known as “Operation Fast and Furious.” “Fast and Furious” was intended to catch and capture those cartel individuals. Shockingly, the most exceedingly awful conceivable ...

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