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What Trump Just Did To The National Debt Will Make Democrats Cry All Night Long! See How He’s Making America Great Again!

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia President Trump has been facing stark criticism from the Democrats and the anti-Trump Republicans but he has stayed the course and his efforts are already beginning to show with only a month into his presidency. President Trump has already cut the US National Debt by $12 Billion. This is what happens when you have ...

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What CNN’s Chris Cuomo Just Said Just Ended His Career! See How He Destroyed Himself!

Image Source: CNN screengrab from video Chris Cuomo and the rest of CNN have been beyond ridiculous in their coverage of President Trump but Chris Cuomo just went beyond fake news. Chris Cuomo just destroyed himself! Cuomo tweeted that it was a 12 year old girl’s fault if she didn’t want to be exposed to a boys genitals in a ...

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BREAKING: Steve Bannon Just Revealed President Trump’s Plans! Democrats Aren’t Going To Sleep Tonight!

Image Source: Fox News Screengrab from video below Steve Bannon was one of the big names as panelists at this year’s CPAC and he did not disappoint. Bannon spent a major portion destroying the mainstream media for their attacks on President Trump during the campaign and continuing after he was elected. He didn’t hold back either. The biggest thing that ...

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BREAKING: Washington Governor Just Defied Trump’s Orders! See Him Turn His Back On His Country!

Image Source: Michael Vadon (Trump) Thomas Sørenes (Inslee) Washington has now become the first sanctuary state after Governor Jay Inslee signed an Executive Order stopping Trump’s travel ban from being enforced. His order prevents state agencies from discriminating or refusing services to people that live in the United States illegally. Yes, you read that correctly. He also blocked the Washington State ...

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Sanders: Unlike The Tea Party,Town Hall Protests Are Not Being Funded

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed Thursday that the town hall protestors were real people,who had not been funded or paid for. He also slammed the tea party movement as he defended the many people who have shown up to town halls and been accused by the President and others of being paid protesters. “Unlike the tea party this is not ...

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BREAKING-James O’Keefe Leaks Undercover Footage From Within CNN

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVAyY1xIn1U Leaked tapes of CNN employees released by Project Veritas this morning reveal CNN editors displaying their leftist bias. Project Veritas was given over 200 hours of audio from an anonymous source earlier this month. This secretly recorded audio was obtained at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters in 2009.In these tapes Editors can be heard claiming there is “no debate” on climate change ...

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Trump Just Gave New Order About Our Nuclear Arsenal!

Image source: commons.wikimedia.org Author: Marianique Santos / Sam Howzit The world was shocked today! President Trump revealed that US is going to have the best nuclear arsenal in the world! WOW! Amazing, nobody is going to be more powerful than us! We are going to be number one again! This is a message to China, Russia, Iran, North Korea… Everybody ...

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Will Melania Trump be a better first lady than Michelle Obama?

Both the future and past first ladies have been in the media a lot lately, but for very different reasons. Personally, I think Melania will make a great First Lady, and she surely will be MUCH better than the disastrous reign of Michelle Obama! But I really want to hear what you guys think. So, I have put together a ...

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Mike Pence Made The Best Speech In His Life!

Photo screengrab from video below This is one chance in a life time! Let’s prove to America that we have the right answers! Trump told me to get him the best team, and we have it! Trump reminds me of great Ronald Reagan, the man who inspired me to go into politics! These are some of the great lines that ...

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Trump Made Amazing Epic Fantastic Incredible Inspiring Speech On CPAC!

Trump had an amazing speech at CPAC! This was awesome, he crashed the fake mass media and liberals, he inspired conservatives, he calmed the public, he was great! This kind of grand speeches made him an US president! He is best on this kind of events. He is the GREAT COMMUNICATOR! Trump thanked the crowd for their help in his ...

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