This adorably fluffy white cat has the most mesmerising multicoloured eyes

(Picture: @missypampam)

Pam Pam is an adorably tiny, white fluffy cat who is currently melting the hearts of the internet.

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While Pam Pam loves to do cat-like things like chase mice and cuddle up with her owner, she’s also busy posing for her Instagram – where she has more than 69,000 followers.

While Pam Pam is admittedly cute, it’s not just her fluffiness that has captured her followers – it’s her striking eyes, which are of two different colours.

Pam Pam has one green eye and one blue due to a condition known as heterochromia iridis, which is the Greek term for ‘differently coloured irises’, and is a result of a ‘relative excess or lack of melanin’ in the body.

Heterchromia can be either inherited or caused by genetic mosaicism, disease or injury – though don’t worry, it isn’t painful.

And it certainly doesn’t seem to bother Pam Pam, who laps up her beauty each day on her social media, where she receives thousands upon thousands of likes.

Pam Pam really knows how to work the camera

So much so that she even dresses up for holidays


She loves to wear clothes that match her lovely eyes

Her favourite game is hide and seek

Pam Pam even has her own mini-me

We can’t get over how photogenic she is

She loves being snuggled up with dad

It’s official, we need a Pam Pam in our lives

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